This is a hack of Pokémon Gold, made by ericgall23. It is set in the Unova region!

Many changes were made, but notably:

  • The region is Unova, like you should have guessed. The names of the map are abreviated in some places.
  • Attacks are up to date with Generation 7 positives changes, as well as TM compatibilities.
  • Some new TMs are included!
  • Trainers are stronger, and a lot of them have at least 3 Pokémon now! It will be a great challenge! 😉 There also more trainers as well!
  • Even more changes (Detailed in each sections of the site!)

To download the file (IPS file) to patch, click oin the link below:


You have to patch this to an original Pokémon Gold English ROM bu using Lunar IPS.

Enjoy this great game! 😉