01) Aspertia City.

02) Route 19.

03) Floccesy Town.

04) Route 20.

05) Floccesy Ranch.

06) Floccesy Town (Again!).

07) Route 20 (Again!).

08) Virbank City.

09) Castelia City.

10) Skyarrow Bridge.

11) Pinwheel Forest.

12) Nacrene City.

13) Route 3.

14) Striaton City.

15) Route 2.

16) Accumula Town.

17) Route 1.

18) Nuvema Town.

19) Routes 17 and 18.

20) Castelia City (Again!).

21) Route 4 and Join Avenue.

22) Nimbasa City.

23) Desert Resort and Relic Castle.

24) Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest.

25) Route 5 and Driftveil Bridge.

26) Driftveil City.

27) Route 6.

28) Chargestone Cave.

29) Mistralton City and Anville Town.

30) Route 7 and Celestial Tower.

31) Twist Mountain.

32) Icirrus City and Dragonspiral Tower.

33) Route 8, Tubeline Bridge & Route 9.

34) Opelucid City.

35) Route 11, Village Bridge and Route 12.

36) Lacunosa Town.

37) Route 13.

38) Undella Town.

39) Reversal Mountain.

40) Lentimas Town and Strange House.

41) Route 14 and Abundant Shrine.

42) Black City.

43) White Forest.

44) Route 15 and Marvelous Bridge.

45) Seaside Cave and Route 21.

46) Humilau City.

47) Route 22 and Giant Chasm.

48) Route 23.

49) Victory Road.

50) Pokémon League.

51) After the league…

01) Aspertia City

  • Head down to receive a Pokégear and to set the day.
  • Exit your big home and go west in Elm’s Tower.
  • Choose your starter: Raikou, Entei or Suicune. (They are at Level 5 each. Raikou holds a Bright powder, Entei holds a Scope Lens, and Suicune holds a Leftovers.)
  • After that, go back to your home and head in the basement to meet your grandma, who will give you a mystery egg for Elm, and your rival (who is your friend and is visiting your grandma) who will give you a Pokédex.
  • After that, head back to Elm’s Tower to give the egg to Elm, and to “name” your rival who has just received his Pokémon from Elm. Of course, he will have the Pokémon that is stronger against yours.
  • After that, go north in the city and fight the trainers on the 2F of the Pokémon Center. Pick the item on this floor.
  • You now have access to Route 19, but two trainers are there to fight you before you can catch other Pokémon. Get ready!
  • After this, you can now catch Pokémon on Route 19. (There’s a trade, from Marlon, in Aspertia City which offers you a Mantine in exchange of a Poliwag. You could do Mantine surfing, like in Alola!)
  • You can also receive the Itemfinder from the scientist inside the gate. It could be useful! There’s also an Old rod on the floor of this gate, if you want to catch Pokémon (Lv10) by fishing.
  • After that, go into Elm’s Tower on 3F and fight the Sage to finish your trial. Once he’s defeated, go pick the item next to him in order to access the Pokémon School.
  • After that, go to the Pokémon School, which happens to be a GYM. Defeat Morty and you’ll have your 1st Gym badge, which will allow you to use Surf outside of battle.
  • Notice: There are five Kimono Trainers in this city to defeat (Two of them are at the gate at north (If you haven’t got there before!), and the three others are inside the Pokémon School (Gym). Once you beat the 5 of them, go talk to the first guard in the gate at north to receive HM03 – Surf. You’ll need it on Route 19 to go at east.
  • After that, you can go north on Route 19 to continue your quest!

02) Route 19

  • Just SURF and head east to reach Floccesy Town.

03) Floccesy Town

  • You can trade a Mareep for a Magnemite in a house with Colress, an ex member of Team Plasma.
  • You can also meet Alder at his home in the north part of this town. You’ll also meet Benga, his grandson. Note that Alder can evaluate your Pokédex the same way Prof.Oak can do it in the far-away Kanto region, coz they keep in touch. However, you won’t battle them at all.
  • You can also meet Marshal in a house next to Alder’s to receive a free teaching lesson and a TM03 (Curse), but only at night.
  • You can also trade Pokémon now with TGB Dual at the 2F of this town’s Pokémon Center.
  • For the Gym, you need to come back later, precisely after you pick an item in Floccesy Ranch.
  • So, head north to Route 20 after you healed your Pokémon.

04) Route 20

  • Head to the north to go to Floccessy Ranch.

05) Floccesy Ranch

  • Fight the trainers on the way. You can also heal your Pokémon by talking the scientist owner of the ranch. He will heal your Pokémon.
  • Go into the forest Area and reach the north to eventually obtain HM01 from a boy, and pick the item next to him!
  • There’s a shiny Eevee (at Level 10) that you can catch in the forest area. It’s very well hidden in the woods, so try to find it. However, it won’t appear during bug invasions. Also, if you fight it, it can run away, so if you really want to catch it, save your game before fighting it. It’s your only chance (maybe) to catch a shiny Eevee! Don’t miss that chance!
  • You can also receive a free TM02 (Psybeam) from of the owner of the ranch.
  • On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you could see a bug invasion! If you talk to an attendant in the gate that leads to the forest area, you can participate in a special bug-catching contest. The bug invasion last 20 minutes.
  • After you received HM01 and picked the item, head back to Floccesy Town.

06) Floccesy Town (Again!)

  • Go into the Gym to challenge and defeat Bugsy to earn your 2nd Gym Badge. This gym is his new secondary home by the way.
  • After you have earned the badge, go back to Route 20 (You now have the right to use Cut outside of battle!).

07) Route 20 (Again!)

  • Proceed to go east by cutting the trees on the road.
  • Prepare yourself to face strong trainers, and some have personalized move sets worthy of Battle Frontier. Good luck!
  • Once all defeated, you can enter into Virbank City!

08) Virbank City

  • Go south to the Virbank Complex to battles trainers and pick an item there in order to access the Teleporter to Castelia City later.
  • Go in the Gym to defeat Sabrina and earn your 3rd Gym badge.
  • You can also receive a Shuckle, a Good Rod, a TM10 and a TM12 by talking to various people. You’ll also learn important life lessons about success and perseverance.
  • You can also battle and catch the Snorlax sleeping at the south of this city just by talking to it, as it will wake up and wants to fight! It’s level 15.
  • After all of that, go into the Teleporter in the east part of the city and you’ll meet Team Rocket. Defeat them to gain access to the teleport tile that will lead you to Castelia City. There’s no boat anymore!

09) Castelia City

  • You can visit the Big Mart for some great items. Take your time to visit it.
  • You can access to the seswers by going into the Mart’s basement, or via a small cabin in the 2nd section of this city.
  • You can receive an Eevee from a girl in a house and a Tyrogue from a man in this city. Look for them!
  • To progress further, go into the Radio Station in the 2nd part of this city. You can receive a radio card and you must go talk to a man in the 2nd floor. After that, you have a request to find a Machine Part for the radio’s transmission. It’s located in the new Gym.
  • After that, go challenge Misty and their trainers in their new gym to earn your 4th Gym Badge. The Machine part is in the machine next to Misty, at the end of course.
  • Once Misty is defeated and the Machine Part earned, go deliver it to the man in Radio Station. You’ll receive a TM07 as a reward, and you can access to the Skyarrow Bridge (The talking Pokémon will be gone!).
  • However, you can also visit the Entralink by going into the teleporter on the 3F of the Radio Station. You’ll have some good surprises out there, and you’ll also learn the importance of dreams in life!
  • Also, the access to Route 4 is unlocked only later in the game! Don’t bother with it for now, as the talking Pokémon won’t let you go! You have to go at east in order to progress.
  • So now, you’re ready to head east to the Skyarrow Bridge by going through the gate at the southeast of this city.

10) Skyarrow Bridge

  • Just go to the east to reach Pinwheel Forest.
  • In the gate between those areas, you can learn some interesting facts about the Skyarrow Bridge and Pinwheel Forest from the people in there.

11) Pinwheel Forest

  • Head to the south to reach the gate that goes to the route between this forest and Nacrene City (A.K.A. Route 3.5).
  • By the way, you can receive a TM05 from a person somewhere in this forest. Look for him!
  • Once you’re out of the forest, just head east to Nacrene City by going through the gate.

12) Nacrene City

  • Go to the Museum to defeat Brock and earn your 5th Gym badge.
  • You can trade with Lenora at the Pokémon Center. She asks a Snubull in exchange for her Kangaskhan.
  • You can also go to the Café to buy some good drinks.
  • You can also receive a free TM47 in a house from a boy.
  • You can also receive a Silver Wing from a girl in order to catch her released Lugia in Well spring Cave later!
  • After all that, go east in order to go to Route 3.

13) Route 3

  • Defeat the trainers on the way, including a member of Team Rocket who wants to catch the releases Lugia in Wellspring Cave, but he doesn’t have a Silver Wing…
  • If you have a Silver Wing and can Surf, go west from the big gate to reach Wellspring Cave. You can catch a Lv22 Lugia there. Have lots of Heavy Ball to facility capture. They can be bought at Castelia City’s Big mart.
  • After that, head east from the gate to reach Striaton City. You could use the services of the Day-Care Center on the way if you want.

14) Striaton City

  • Defeat the trainers on the way. One of them can give you a free soft sand.
  • You can challenge Erika at the Gym to earn your 6th Gym badge and a TM19 (Giga Drain).
  • Or before, you can go east to the Dreamyard to help Fennel solve a problem with Team Rocket there!
  • After that, go receive a free bike at the Bike Shop (Where your rival was standing before!).
  • Once you head to the south of the city, you’ll have your very first battle against your rival!
  • After that, go south on the Route 2 (It’s now a cycling route only due to tectonic moves!)

15) Route 2

  • Just head to the south and defeat the trainers on the way. Make sure you have obtained the bike at Striaton’s New Bike Shop (Like I said before!)
  • Eventually, you’ll arrive at Accumula town through a gate.

16) Accumula Town

  • After you talk with your rival near the Gym, go challenge Falkner at the Gym in this town. He’s the 7th Gym Leader to face. If you win, you’ll receive your 7th Gym badge and a TM31 (Sky Attack).
  • There’s also the Name Rater in this town, and some great TMs are sold in the Mart, if you have the need.
  • After that, once you’ve got all the 7 Gym Badges (You should have 7 if you haven’t pass Gyms before) go through the gate (which were previously inaccessible by Team Rocket grunts) to go to Route 1.
  • Also, don’t mind about Elm’s egg for now, since you only reach Driftveil City much later in the game!

17) Route 1

  • Just head to the south to reach Nuvema Town. Don’t bother with Team rocket at the gate west for now, as you’ll need to come back later.
  • You can also receive a free Tm36 from the female guard at the gate south, but you’ll have to support Team Rocket by force before going to Nuvema Town.

18) Nuvema Town

  • Go into Juniper’s lab to defeat the guards and take the items on the floor to help their cleaning (Due to Team rocket’s mess before!). You get to keep those items as thanks.
  • You can also visit the three other houses to receive great items, such as a free TM29 and a Super Rod. You can also evaluate friendship at Bianca’s house.
  • After that, head back to Route 1 to go at west, and surf along the way to reach the second part of Route 1. Head west to reach Route 17 (and Route 18 after that!)!

19) Routes 17 and 18

  • Travel through these routes by defeating the trainers along the way. These are quite tough, and note that you can heal your Pokémon at the house on Route 18. This is a great challenge!
  • One you reach Team Rocket’s Warehouse (On route 17), be prepared to face some wild roaming Pokémon, such as Kingler, Weezing and Magneton (Lv35 each!) in certain areas. You have to defeat or catch them in order to progress, coz you can’t run away from them, like a trainer battle! Also, get ready for some intense battles against the TR members, especially the 3 last ones who are really strong! One emphasis on Ice-type, the second on a full Sunny Day team, and the final one, Electric-type with Thunder Wave! Be prepared!
  • Once you received the Rainbow Wing as a reward in order to quit their warehouse, head back, by foot or bike, to Castelia City.

20) Castelia City (Again!)

  • If you want, go to the Entralink (from Radio Station’s 3F) and go the 2F of Pokémon Center there. You shall face a Lv32 Ho-oh in order to catch if you want. Even if it’s a dream, it’s real, so you can catch it!
  • After that, prepare yourself to go to the north, on Route 4, coz now, the road is accessible (which was previously blocked due to some talking Pokémon left by Team Rocket!)

21) Route 4 and Join Avenue

  • Just head north to reach Join Avenue, and then Nimbasa City. However, you will face your rival for the 2nd time in front of Join Avenue’s entrance.
  • In one of the house of this route, you can receive a free TM37 if you are friendly with your Pokémon.
  • In another house, you could print out photos of your Pokémon if you happen to have a GBC Printer (Which I never saw or used…)
  • Once you enter into Join Avenue, there are some trainers to battle, and some shops as well which only works once per day, and each have a specific day. There’s also a lost coin case in that avenue.
  • You’ll reach Nimbasa City by going through the doors at the north of Join Avenue. Just go in a straight line up!

22) Nimbasa City

  • You can go east to battles trainers and the Gym to earn Whitney’s badge, which will allow you to use Strength outside of battle, and you’ll receive a TM45, which is Body Slam.
  • Also, you can go to the Battle Institute, which is west of the PokéCenter, to have a good battle against N, disguised as a trainer! He’s tough and he use a full team of 6 Pokémon with levels around 52-54. He’s a good challenge, but optional!
  • You can also trade with Grimsley in town. He offers a Houndour for a Murkrow. Houndour is found much later in the game, so it’s a good trade to do!
  • Also, you can go to the big Game corner if you want, and learn some important life lessons about money, casino games and friends. There are also good prizes to obtain, such as exclusive TMs, Moon Stones and great Pokémon normally available much later in the game.
  • You can also buy some TMs at the Mart, such as the priority speedy moves Mach Punch (TM01) and Quick Attack (TM39).
  • After that, go to the Relic Castle in order to unlock access to Route 16.

23) Desert Resort and Relic Castle

  • Go into the Relic Castle and reach the basement floor in order to pick the items there and you’ll earn HM05. Beat the trainers along the way as well.
  • After that, go back to Nimbasa City in order to go to Route 16, and Lostlorn forest. You’ve gained the access now!

24) Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest

  • Talk to the ranger in the gate (The one sitting in front of a Game boy) to receive a Squirtbottle. However, you must have beaten Whitney first in order to receive it!
  • Defeat the trainers along the way and go into the Lostlorn Forest by going at the gate at north. (N.B. You can’t go to the east for now, so don’t bother with that. It’s only possible much later in the game!)
  • Once you’re in Lostlorn Forest, defeat some trainers and you’ll have to battle a Lv50 Sudowoodo, which has been just released by its trainer. Use the Squirtbottle you received earlier to battle or capture it!
  • After that go north, battle two more trainers and pick the items north after you’ve seen an illusion of Pokémon.
  • Once the items are picked, go back to Nimbasa City in order to go west. Prepare yourself to go on Route 5!

25) Route 5 and Driftveil Bridge

  • Defeat all the trainers along the way to reach the gate to Driftveil Bridge.
  • On the way, be sure to visit the Gourmet maniac at her house. She’ll give you a gift of 5 rare candies that she made herself with her cooking skills. You can also support them by buying a TinyMushroom for just 500 pokédollars (This is just for supporting them!).
  • Once you reach the west, go through the Driftveil Bridge in order to reach Driftveil City. Defeat the trainers along the way as well!

26) Driftveil City

  • You can go north to the Battle Club to challenge Jasmine and earn her badge.
  • Visit the Mart to buy TM28 if you want, or some Moomoo Milk which are not expensive.
  • After that, go south to the Relic Passage in order to fight/catch a shiny Onix in order to unlock the way to Route 6. It’s level 50, and it’s rare as well. Fight the trainers along the way as well!
  • After that, head back to Driftveil City in order to go west, to Route 6.

27) Route 6

  • Defeat all the trainers in the way in order to go the north to reach Chargestone Cave.
  • On the way, you can surf to the east to go into Mistralton Cave to pick some good hidden items, which includes a TM04 (Rock Slide). During that time, your mom will buy you some decorations for your room in secret! 😉
  • One you’ve arrive in front of Chargestone Cave, you’ll meet Bek for the first time, and he’ll tell you that he’s traveling in order to resolve a conflict with his friend Willius. However, you have to battle and win against him before going into Chargestone Cave. He’s really strong with a full team of 6 Pokémon, each equipped with an item as well! After the battle, he will leave, and so, you can go into Chargestone Cave.

28) Chargestone Cave

  • Defeat all the trainers along the way! Watch out, as many wild Pokémon are quite fast, such as Electrode or Electabuzz.
  • If you’re feeling tired, or your Pokémon, there’s a doctor in the basement of that cave. It about half way in your adventure in that cave.
  • Once you’re near the end of the cave, prepare yourself to face your rival once more for the third time. He’s really strong of course!
  • After that, exit the cave by going north to reach Mistralton City.

29) Mistralton City and Anville Town

  • First of all, go heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center if you need it.
  • After that, go into the house next to the mart to receive a free PASS in order to take the train to Anville Town. You’ll need it!
  • You can go into the mart to buy some great stuff and TMs as well. There are two clerks that complete each other, and they have a good choice of items all together. You can meet your rival as well who is just visiting the mart.
  • After that, head west to the ex airport’s area (which is longer an airport, since it has closed!), and defeat all trainers in your way. Most of them are strong and have equipped their Pokémon with held items, so be careful!
  • After all trainers defeated, go into the new train station at north, and take the train to go to Anville Town. (N.B. You can’t go into the Gym for now!)
  • Once you are in Anville Town, go to the north, fight the trainers and you’ll have an opportunity to meet a shiny Dragonite at Level 55! You can sure catch it! 😉
  • After your battle against the shiny Dragonite, you’ll meet Willius, who was watching your battle behind the trees. He’ll tell you the importance to make your place in your life. After you agreed with him, he’ll go to Mistralton City’s mart. You have to join him there, so take back the train to return to Mistralton City.
  • One you’ve returned in Mistralton City, go into the Mart. There, you’ll see a quick fight against Willius and your rival, but Willius will lead you to the basement of this mart. Once you’re in the basement, defeat the single trainer there, but he’s quite tough! After that, talk to Willius, he’ll give you a TM14 as a gift, and he’ll leave after that!
  • Now, you’re ready to go to the Gym and defeat Clair and her trainers, and one of them is none other than Lance himself! He wants to support Clair.
  • Once Clair defeated, you have to go to Route 7 in order to go into the Celestial Tower there (to obtain an item in order to obtain her badge!). The man who was blocking the gate is gone now!

30) Route 7 and Celestial Tower

  • Head north to go to the Celestial Tower in order to find Clair’s item to the top of the tower. However, on the way, there are some strong trainers, so have a couple of revives and milks.
  • Also, have some repels with you, as the tower is filled with fast Pokémon such as Golbat, Haunter or Gastly.
  • Once you picked the item at the top, Clair will appear and will give you your 10th badge, which will allow all Pokémon to obey you now. It’s useful for sure, since now, the adventure is tougher.
  • After that, exit the tower and head back to Route 7 and go east in order to reach Twist Mountain. The man that was blocking it is gone now!

31) Twist Mountain

  • Just go through it and defeat the trainers on the way. There are some good hidden items to pick as well. Search carefully!
  • Once you’re near the end, you’ll access to Icirrus City.

32) Icirrus City and Dragonspiral Tower

  • First of all, you have to go to the new hostel, which is a Gym, and defeat Janine there in order to earn your 11th badge and to gain access to the Dragonspiral Tower, since you have to find an item there in order to go to Route 8.
  • If you visit the Poké fan Club, you’ll have a surprise meeting with Koga, and you’ll also learn great lessons about friendship and earn good things as well from some people inside.
  • In the mart, you can buy great TMs there: TM14 (Ice Beam), TM25 (Thunderbolt) and TM38 (Flamethrower). It’s really worth to go there, as they are great TMs in general! 😉
  • After that, go to the Dragon spiral tower at north and defeat the trainers on the way, reach the 2F to pick the item there in order to gain access to Route 8. You won’t regret it! 😉
  • Also, note that the rest of the Dragonspiral Tower has been closed forever, so you won’t go further than the 2F.
  • After that, head back to Icirrus city and prepare yourself to go to Route 8.

33) Route 8, Tubeline Bridge & Route 9

  • Defeat the trainers on the way on Route 8. You’ll need Surf to travel, as the water level of the swamps has raised.
  • You can go north to the Moor of Icirrus for extra training if you want, but it’s optional.
  • When you’re in the first gate of Tubeline Bridge, you can heal your Pokémon by going to the green machine south of the scientist. It will be really handy, as there are more trainers waiting for you later until the next PokéCenter!
  • Once you pass the first gate, be prepared to fight your rival once again on Tubeline Bridge! He’s really strong of course!
  • After that, return heal your Pokémon to the machine in the gate, and head west to reach Route 9. Defeat the trainers on the way as well!
  • Once you reach Route 9, you can go north in the Shopping Mall Nine. It has all the other TMs that you were not able to buy in the other marts you visited! Also, there are lots of great items in there. Discover them yourself!
  • After that, head west to eventually reach Opelucid City!

34) Opelucid City

  • You can head north to visit Route 10, which is a dead-end, to collect some items, and fight some trainers on the way.
  • There is also the Move Deleter in this city, if you ever need to.
  • Importantly, go to the Big Gym in order to earn your 12th badge by defeating Chuck. However, Be warned, as there are many trainers in this Gym, and it’s a 2 floors Gym as well. You should bring lots of medicine, or Sacred ashes, before going, coz sometimes, you can’t return back to the PokéCenter. It’s a real challenge! You’ll also meet Bruno at one point before Chuck. Tough battles are waiting for you inside!
  • After you won your 12th badge, go talk to the man at south on this city to receive HM02 Fly. You can now use Fly!
  • After head east to go to Route 11.

35) Route 11, Village Bridge and Route 12

  • Defeat the trainers on the way, and head east to Village Bridge.
  • Once in the first gate, you can battle Will, but it’s an optional battle. He’s really strong too!
  • Once in Village Bridge, you can heal your Pokémon by talking to a girl in the first house if you need to. Defeat the trainers on the way to the east as well!
  • When you reach Route 12, there’s HM07 (Waterfall) somewhere. Try to look for it! There are no trainers on this route, but many wild Pokémon still live there.
  • When you reach the final gate, prepare yourself to enter in Lacunosa Town.

36) Lacunosa Town

  • You can receive a Town Map for your PokéGear by talking to the Blue girl, but for that, you must listen to her teaching about friendship. You could learn great things from her.
  • You’ll also have to fight your rival once more when you try to go at east to Route 13’s gate.
  • You can also receive a batch of 15 Miracle Berries by talking to someone in town. They can be useful if you need them.
  • After that, go to the Gym and earn your 13th Gym Badge by defeating Pryce. Be warned, as he uses a full team of 6 Pokémon, just like the PWT back then…
  • After that, prepare yourself to go to Route 13.

37) Route 13

  • Pick the HM06 (Whirlpool) on this route. It’s located before you cross the river with whirlpools.
  • Once you teach one Pokémon Whirlpool (and you have Pryce’s badge), you can remove the two whirlpools blocking the way in order to progress on this route.
  • Note: You can’t go to the Giant Chasm for now. You can only reach it much later in the game!
  • Defeat the trainers on the way, and progress to the south in order to reach Undella Town.

38) Undella Town

  • Go heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, which is at south, if you need to.
  • You can go into the new tunnel to go train at Undella Bay, but you won’t progress to the north for now.
  • After that, go to the hostel and defeat Lt. Surge there to earn your 14th Gym Badge.
  • After that, head west to the Reversal Mountain Cave.

39) Reversal Mountain

  • Go through the cave and fight the trainers on the way.
  • Once outside, head west to Lentimas Town.

40) Lentimas Town and Strange House

  • Go into the hostel to fight Blaine there in order to earn your 15th Gym Badge.
  • You can also go in the Mart to buy some ashes or tags if you need to.
  • After you’ve defeated Blaine, head east to the Strange House in order to pick the item on the 2F there, but some trainers are inside. You also get a chance to fight/capture a shiny Gengar (Level 75). Get ready!
  • After that, head back to Undella town by returning into the Reversal Mountain Cave, of you can use Fly in order to fly on a location nearby.
  • Once you’re in Undella town, prepare yourself to go south, c’est-à-dire on Route 14!

41) Route 14 and Abundant Shrine

  • Defeat the trainers on the way, and head south to reach Black City.
  • If you want, you can visit Abundant Shrine when you’re in the south part of this route. You receive a gift of 5 Big Mushrooms by talking to a person out there. Plus, some wild Pokémon lives only there as well.

42) Black City

  • Go to the northwest part of this city to reach Team Rocket’s building (You won’t pass to the south for now!).
  • Once inside TR’s building, defeat the trainers on the way.
  • Once you reach the 5F, you’ll meet Bek, and after Willius, again. You’ll have to fight Willius, and you’ll earn that he’s with Team Rocket and his reasons to do so. Be prepared for a really hard battle! (Be prepared for this!)
  • After that, Willius and TR will leave the building, and you’ll learn from Bek a part of the story between Bek and Willius.
  • After that, help Bek defeat or catch the Pokémon created or caught by Team Rocket. You’ll have to take care of three of them. There’s a Ditto Lv75, a Mew Lv70 and a powerful Mewtwo at Lv80. If you have a Master Ball or two, use one against Mewtwo! There’s also an hidden Master Ball, stolen by Team Rocket, in your area. Look for it!
  • After that, Bek will thank you and give you a Master Ball he found in his area as well (Team Rocket had stolen it too!). He will also tell you his worries about Willius and he will leave the building after that.
  • After that, leave the building and return outside. Prepare yourself to go to White Forest, which is straightly at south of Black City. The way is now accessible!

43) White Forest

  • You can battle the trainers in the forest, which is divided into 3 huge areas. You can find some items as well. Some wild Pokémon are exclusively here, but they’re younger at Level 60.
  • You can also go into the laboratory in the northwest part of the forest to have a battle with none other than Professor Oak! You’ll meet him for the first time too! However, if you win your battle against him, he will leave the lab to return in Kanto, so you won’t see him again!
  • Else, you can continue to the west to reach Route 15.

44) Route 15 and Marvelous Bridge

  • Defeat some trainers on the way, and pick the item on this route, in order to gain access to Seaside Cave.
  • You can go into the Marvelous Bridge at west, and once you pick the item on Route 15, you also gain access to Route 16 again from the bridge, which was previously blocked by two policemen. You now have truly done the big tour of central Unova! However, the northern areas remain…
  • After that, head back to Undella Town (It’s not that far away from White forest!), and head east to go to Undella Bay to reach Seaside Cave at north, which was previously blocked by a man. Prepare yourself to go into that cave!

45) Seaside Cave and Route 21

  • Defeat the trainers on the way (Both in Seaside Cave and Route 21). Be warned, as they’re all really strong. Be prepared with sacred Ashes and strong Pokémon.
  • While in the Seaside Cave, you could find a shiny Crobat at Level 75 (It came here, by flying, from Route 13 if you want to know why!). Be sure to catch it if you can find it! (Note: there no other wild Crobat in this cave…)
  • On the way on Route 21, you can heal your Pokémon in a house, so that can help you.
  • Once you reach the north of Route 21, you’ll arrive in Humilau City.

46) Humilau City

  • First of all, go to the Pokémon Center to find your rival on the 2F. He needs help to heal his Ampharos.
  • To help him, go to the mart next to the Pokémon Center to receive a free secret potion. Bring to your rival to heal his Ampharos. After that, he will thank you and will leave.
  • After that, go to the Battle Club to battle Blue and earn your final Gym Badge. Be warned, as he’s really strong!
  • After that, you can prepare yourself to go to Route 22!

47) Route 22 and Giant Chasm

  • Defeat the trainers on the way. Some great items can be found here, so look for them.
  • Once in the Giant Chasm, defeat the trainers on the way as well, but you can go south to unlock a path which will lead you back to Lacunosa Town (Pick the items on the way too!), so you can split your travel in two if you need to rest.
  • Once you’re at the end of the cave, you’ll meet Bek once again, and he will thank you for your help previously. After, you’ll have to battle him one more time (He’s really tough!), and if you win, he will leave after telling you his intentions to help Willius to get him out of Team Rocket.
  • After that, prepare yourself to go to Route 23.

48) Route 23

  • Travel through it and the small new cave on the road to eventually reach the gate to Victory Road. You can heal your Pokémon in a house near when you enter this route. There are not many trainers on this route, but strong wild Pokémon. Some good items can be found too!
  • When you arrive in the examination gate, you’re verified! You truly need to have the 16 badges to go north. Also, you need to talk to Alder in Floccesy Town to access the league, so he will give you the permission to go there once he will verify you got all the badges! Just fly back to Floccesy Town, and return by flying back to Lacunosa Town for a shorter route.
  • If all done successful, you’ll enter Victory Road’s area.

49) Victory Road

  • Travel along the way and defeat the trainers you cross. Many of them are from Team Rocket, and some of them are rematches, coz you meet them before in your journey. However, you’ll also meet Prof.Oak in the first cave, who was examining the area, and then Bek (Once again!) at the summit. Be prepared for tough battles!
  • There’s a doctor somewhere that will heal your Pokémon if you need too, so don’t worry!
  • Once you reach the top, prepare yourself to enter in the Pokémon League!

50) Pokémon League

  • You’ll discover that Team Rocket has really taken over the Pokémon League.
  • You have to battle 4 Rocket members in a row before reaching the Champion, which is none other than Willius!
  • Once you beaten Willius, your rival and Alder will come to congratulate you, and Alder will inform that Team rocket will stay at the league coz Alder decided to give them a chance to know success…
  • After that, you will register your Pokémon at the Hall of Fame. You’re a Unova league champion, but not the Unova champion!

51) After the league…

  • You can go meet Elm at his lab (tower), in Aspertia City, to receive another Master Ball as a gift for your victory at the league.
  • You can also go in the Entralink to go in the area at east, which has a house. Inside, you’ll get to battle against me (in dream!), the creator of this game. Once you won, I’ll disappear, since I was just a dream to you…
  • Else, your quest is over in Unova. I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed it! You’re free now!