TMs locations in Marts

Here are the locations of the TMs in Marts:

TM #Location (Mart)
01Nimbasa City
02Castelia City
03Floccesy Town
04Route 9 (2F)
05Accumula Town
06Route 9 (2F)
07Nimbasa City
08Castelia City
09Nimbasa City
10Nimbasa City Game Corner
11Mistralton City
12Accumula Town
13Accumula Town
14Icirrus City
15Route 9 (2F)
16Mistralton City
17Nimbasa City Game Corner
18Mistralton City
19Route 9 (2F)
20Floccesy Town
21Floccesy Town
22Route 9 (2F)
23Route 9 (2F)
24Route 9 (2F)
25Icirrus City
26Route 9 (3F)
27Route 9 (3F)
28Driftveil City
29Route 9 (3F)
30Route 9 (3F)
31Mistralton City
32Mistralton City
33Castelia City
34Nimbasa City
35Accumula Town
36Route 9 (3F)
37Mistralton City
38Icirrus City
39Accumula Town
40Nimbasa City Game Corner
41Castelia City
42Route 9 (5F)
43Route 9 (5F)
44Route 9 (5F)
45Nimbasa City Game Corner
46Route 9 (5F)
47Route 9 (5F)
48Castelia City
49Route 9 (5F)
50Route 9 (5F)